Trust Us: 399,- €

Early Bird: 499,- €

Standard: 599,- €

Last Minute: 999,- €

Early Bird Group: 399,- €

Standard Group: 479,- €

Student: 150,- €

Barcamp & Meetups: 0 € (please register separately even if you have already a Berlin Buzzwords ticket)

Junior Data Scientist Nano (age 0-6): 0 €

Junior Data Scientist Micro (age 7-12): 25,- €

Junior Data Scientist Maxi (age 13-20): 100,- €

* all Prices include VAT and handling costs  


All tickets* are valid for the full four days and include free WLAN access, food, snacks and drinks throughout the 2 conference days on Monday and Thursday. You can also join the barcamp on Sunday and the numerous meetups and hackathons taking place all over Berlin hosted by Berlin Buzzwords and local companies. 


*"Sunday Barcamp and Meetups only" doesn't include free food and drinks


Yes. Your student ID must have been valid between October 2014 and May 2015. For example, a student ID from winter semester 2014/15 is ok, but one from summer 2014 cannot be accepted.  


You can resell your ticket and there are usually plenty of thankful takers to be found. You can also carry out a cancellation (But: the cancellation fees have to be paid by the attendees themselves).


Only University students are eligible for these tickets. It is important that you are able to provide corresponding documentation of eligibility on location. Show your valid student ID at the entrance of the conference.  


The 20% discount is valid for groups of 5 and more attendees.


You can sell your ticket or give it to someone else any time. But if you want to change the name of the ticket owner and make sure he or she gets a printed name badge with their own name, please send an email to event@newthinking.de. It must include the ticket number and the name and email address of the new owner.

Changing ticket owner names is only possible until May 15, 2015. Afterwards, we won’t be able to change the original name on the ticket and nametag to that of the new attendee’s. However, you can still sell or give your ticket to someone else. Please also note that it is up to you and the new recipient to work out your own payment method.
A ticket is only valid for one person and can't be shared. You'll get a wristband in exchange of your ticket which you need to keep on your wrist for the whole event.

Yes, to guarantee you a place at the barcamp please register for "Sunday Barcamp and Meetups only"

In 2015 we'll offer a special ticket category for children, to give parents the opportunity to attend Berlin Buzzwords. We will also provide conference child care so every attendee can take a deep-dive into their favorite topics. The conference child care is included in your child's ticket but needs to be reserved in advance because of limited availability.


You can resell your ticket and there are usually plenty of thankful takers to be found. You can also carry out a cancellation (But: the cancellation fees have to be paid by the attendees themselves).


Last year we received more than 130 submissions and unfortunately had to reject quite a few (We also accepted many so don’t let that scare you off!). If your submission won't be accepted we will send you a 20% discount code for your ticket.


Call for Submissions

Take part in our Call for Submissions! To submit your session idea, please register at our website and submit a new session form for each idea. A detailed description can be found below.
The more precise and complete the information you submit, the easier for us to select your session.

No, you only need to update your account. Log in with your details. On the main page you see the note “Berlin Buzzwords 2015: subscribe to event.” Click on it and join the group.

We need information concerning your session idea including the topic, a brief description of the content, format (long or short talk), experience level, as well as some information about you.

Selection criteria include: the quality and completeness of your proposal and how well your proposed session fits in to the program. Talks and workshops should concentrate on the implementation of systems, technical topics, real world applications and case studies. You can find more hints and information here.

The Call for Submissions ends on February 1, 2014. Proposals submitted after this date or which reach us through other channels cannot be accepted.

We will let you know at the beginning of March.

On the day your session will take place. We do not need your finished presentation but your short session description will be published online. We’d suggest making the short description informative and well formulated when submitting, in order to get readers interested in your session. Also, make it short but sweet (hardly anyone reads more than half a page, so your session's description is limited to 2.000 caracters).

You can resell your ticket and there are usually plenty of thankful takers to be found. You can also carry out a cancellation (But: the cancellation fees have to be paid by the attendees themselves).

No, unfortunately not.

As a speaker you will get free accomodation during the conference for two nights (May 31 - June 2). If your company is looking after your travel costs you're welcome to send us the corporate logo for our website and become a Travel-Partner.

Of course, you can. We do not, however, accept product presentations or company marketing presentations. If your company is interested in collaboration or sponsoring with Berlin Buzzwords, please contact us.

We have 20 and 40 minute slots. You can let us know your preference in your proposal.

1. Go to the registration page. If you were a participant at Berlin Buzzwords 2014, you just need to update your profile. Log in with your details. On the main page you see the note “Berlin Buzzwords 2015: subscribe to event.” Click on it and join the group.

2. You can already start to fill out and complete your speaker profile or finish this at a later time. Please note, your speaker profile must be fully completed until February 9 for your session to be accepted.

3. Choose your username.

4. Enter a valid e-mail address.

5. After completing registration you will be forwarded to the home page again and receive an activation link via your submitted e-mail address. Please note that this might take up to 15 minutes depending on your e-mail provider and please also check your spam folder... Click the link and set a password.

6. In the menu (black and grey bar on the top of the page) you will find:

  • User account: Here you'll find your profile information. Click edit and find your user account were you can change your e-mail address and password, as well as your "Speaker profile" where you can edit & complete your speaker profile.
  • If you go back to "My events > Dashboard" you can click on "Add event content" > Session to create a session proposal
  • My sessions: here you'll find your submitted proposal and may edit them as necessary.

7. Now: Click "Add event content > session" and simply fill out all fields related to your session proposal.

8. Feel free to save and continue at a later date – but remember: your session needs to be completely filled out by February 9

9. Add speakers to your sessions. If you are planning several speakers into your session, all of them need to register and create a profile. Once you know their username, please add the usernames to the "speakers" field in the form.

10. Yay, your session is fully filled out and submitted on time! Or go back to Step 7 and submit more session proposals.

You will be able to change the session proposal at any time. Though if you change it after the Call for Submissions deadline on February 1, 2015 you should notify us. We will in turn notify you if we think your session proposal needs a rewrite before we can publish it.

As long as you can access your session from the dashboard, it is saved and submitted correctly. You don't need to do anything else. Your session will be published once we accepted it for the conference programme. But no worries, we'll inform you via email before we'll publish it.


You are at least 18 years old and would be happy to support us in hosting this year's Berlin Buzzwords? The registration opens on April 20, 2015.

1. Open the volunteer registration

2. Now you can start completing your volunteer profile: Please fill out all mandatory fields

3. Choose a user name. The chosen name is visible for all registered volunteers!

4. Indicate an active mail address.

5. After you have submitted your information, you will receive a mail with an activation link (check your spam folder as well). Follow the link and choose a password.

6. Important: You still have to register for Berlin Buzzwords. Under “my events” → “Berlin Buzzwords 2015 dashboard” you can find:

- “Shift schedule”: Register for a shift at Berlin Buzzwords.

- “ My registrations”: View your registration.

- “Workspaces”: Get information regarding the different areas of activity.

After you've logged in, you can find the Berlin Buzzwords 2015 Dashboard (Menu→ “My events”→ “Berlin Buzzwords 2015 Dashboard”). Under the menu point “Shift schedule” you can find an overview of all possible shifts at the conference. Please think about beforehand which time and shift suits you best. Furthermore, have a look at the area of activity of your shift. You have chosen an area of activity and a suitable time period? Perfect! We have made different categories based on these two criteria, just choose one and you are good to go!

We have received your data and know your desired shift and area of activity. Mid May we will get back to you with more detailed information about Berlin Buzzwords and your specific area of responsibility.

The waiting list gives a chance to every interested volunteer who has registered too late. Of course, it can happen that registered volunteers cancel their participation so that the positions have to be filled. In the best case, waiting list candidates are spontaneous and flexible! The registration is the same, you only apply for the shift “waiting list”!

Usually you will work in the area of activity you've chosen in the registration process. If plans have to be changed you would always be asked for your agreement.

You will get a ticket for the whole duration of the conference (including food & drinks) and a Berlin Buzzwords 2015 shirt – and of course our eternal gratitude!

After your registration, you have the chance to switch shifts if other shifts are still available. Please delete your previous shift before registering for a new one.

Of course, something unexpected can happen in the meantime. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can redistribute your shift.

As a volunteer you will support us for 8 hours either for one shift of 8 hours or 2 shifts of 4 hours each. Some shifts which end late are shortened to 6 respectively 7 hours per shift.

Food and drinks are included in the free ticket you will get.

There will be an infocounter as a central gathering point. In addition to it, you will get more concrete information regarding the procedure of your shift in mid May.

As a volunteer, you are not insured with Berlin Buzzwords but with your personal health insurance. In case of any property damages during construction or dismantling, the liability insurance of Berlin Buzzwords comes into effect.

Contact us by the following mail address: bsi@newthinking.de

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