Hackathons & Meetups


C-Base Raumstation and Berlin Buzzwords are offering a day-long Learn&Hack event about all things graph.

Join us for a relaxed day of learning about the power of graphs, graph modeling and querying. We will look into cool use-cases and applications, and explore how easy it is to get your own graph-model and -app going in just a few minutes.

If you're lucky you can win printed copies of the brand-new 2nd edition of "Graph Databases".


10:00 – 14:00

  • Neo4j & Cypher Intro 

14:00 – 16:00

  • Create Your Graph,
  • Live GraphGist Modeling
  • Apply what you've learned

16:00 – 19:00

  • From Graph to App 
  • Take your graph model and use cases 
  • Put an UI in front and deploy it to the cloud

19:00 – 21:00

  • Meetup
  • Show your App
  • Advanced Graph Talks

Drinks, Pizza & Finger-Food in between


c-base Raumstation

Rungestrasse 20 (2nd backyard)
10179 Berlin


Sunday, May 31

GameDuell TechTalk with Boaz Leskes

As one of the most popular search engines based on Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch recognizes the crucial importance of being resilient to hardware and network failure. This is why Elasticsearch invests a lot to enable Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene detect and cope with increasingly complex failures. Elasticsearch’s lead developer, Boaz Leskes, will cover the recent highlights and future plans of the company’s resiliency strategy. He will explain all aspects of Elasticsearch, ranging from the lowest level of a single file, through network connection of a single node, and all the way up to distributed failures on the cluster level. Even though the talk is about possible failures and various coping strategies, participants will also get an interesting peek under the hood and learn about the inner workings of Elasticsearch. The GameDuell TechTalk will be wrapped up by a Q & A round, where two more Elasticsearch engineers, Adrien Grand and Ryan Ernst, will step in to answer any possible questions ranging from architecture to practical use cases.



14:30 – Doors open
15:00 – Presentation by Boaz Leskes incl. Q & A with Adrien Grand and Ryan Ernst
16:00 – Get Together with drinks and snacks


GameDuell Event Lounge

Taubenstr. 24 - 25
10117 Berlin


Wednesday, June 3

Apache Flink Workshop

This is a full-day hands-on workshop on Apache Flink by data Artisans.

The workshop includes introductory tutorials and exercises for developers to get familiar with Apache Flink, and build Big Data applications using the platform.

We will cover the following topics:

• Overview of Apache Flink and how it fits in the Big Data ecosystem
• Setup of Flink on the participants’ laptops
• Flink’s APIs in Java and Scala
• Building an application using Flink’s APIs

Time permitting, we will also cover:

• Introduction to Flink Streaming, and building a streaming application
• Analyzing graphs using Gelly, Flink’s graph processing API
• Machine Learning with FlinkDeploying Flink in the Google Compute Engine
• Setting up Flink in a Hadoop 2 cluster

Participants are expected to be familiar with: 

• Either the Java or Scala programming language
• Using a Unix shell
• Using an IDE (either Eclipse or IntelliJ)


Google Office Berlin

Unter den Linden 14
10117 Berlin


Wednesday, June 3

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Ilustration: cyan, Berlin