Announcement of event partnership with droidcon Berlin

We happily announce the event partnership between Berlin Buzzwords and droidcon Berlin. Both conferences will take place in the unique event location Postbahnhof in Berlin. We start with Berlin Buzzwords in the period from May 31st until June 3rd which is instantly followed by droidcon Berlin taking place from June 3rd until June 5th. Both conferences share a common informal evening event on Tuesday, June 2: the good-bye party of Berlin Buzzwords is droidcon's welcoming party at the same time.

We are aiming at combining the best parts of both conferences in order to provide you with superior conference formats. The similarities between the two conferences are conclusive, the content of both events is provided by developers for developers. This participatory community event character creates a unique, harassment-free atmosphere which is reflected in the similar code of conduct of both conferences.

We believe that these similarities build a perfect foundation for a well-functioning, sustainable event partnership. The key word sustainability plays a major role in terms of the temporal course of events. In favour of saving longer construction periods, transportation ways and travel costs, the conceptional idea of a green conference unites both formats. By using the same event location and a direct temporal annexion, we want to simplify the participation of international attendees who are interested in both subject areas. It saves costs, CO2 emission and contains only advantages for you, for us and for our environment.

Concluding, we are looking forward to both conferences and are hoping to establish a supporting, long-lasting partnership. See you in May, June or both!

Corporate-Design: Extragestaltung, Margarethe Hausst├Ątter
Ilustration: cyan, Berlin