Speaker Interview: Andrej Rosenheinrich

We are introducing to you some of the speakers of the next Berlin Buzzwords conference 2015. Therefore, we are interviewing #bbuzz speakers ahead of the conference. See what they responded …

Get to know Andrej Rosenheinrich.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?
Softwaredeveloper, mainly working in a search context, elasticsearch enthusiast

How did you get started with developing software?
A friend of our family owned an Atari ST and showed me Asteroids back in the 80s. I instantly knew that I wanted to do something with a computer. So my father borrowed a KC 85-2 from the university, put me in front of it and gave me a BASIC manual. That day I wrote my first program: 10 PRINT "HALLO" 20 GOTO 10. It was awesome fun!

What would you like to accomplish by giving this talk?
May be inspire a few people that elasticsearch is more than search and pointing out that preparing data in the right way is part of the game

Which in-depth information is your talk going to provide?
How elasticsearch features can be used to summarize news and how natural language processing can help here.

Have you enjoyed previous Berlin Buzzwords editions?
Yes, I visited BerlinBuzzwords in 2012 and really liked it! I won a ticket for last years BB at the elasticsearch meetup in Berlin (thanks again!), but missed it because my son was born. Best possible excuse, right?

Many of the nowadays buzzwordly talks have come from the Apache Software Foundation. What do you think makes Apache projects so successful in particular for communities developing complex software?
Its open source and written by people who work in the business every day. Its made for people like us by people like us. A perfect fit!

What was the first Apache project you got in touch with?
Tomcat, about 13 years ago.

What are the risks of going Apache?
Some projects are made by a few enthusiasts, one leaving can be a quite a big blow to it.

Anything you are planning to hack on during Berlin Buzzwords?
No, I will listen to all the talks and check out all the interesting stuff

What's your favourite beer?
I prefer black beer, either from Köstritzer or some beer from the Czech Republic.

Have you been to Berlin before? What did you enjoy the most?
I really enjoy going to the elasticsearch meetup in Berlin. Learned lot of interesting stuff there.

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