Speaker interview: Georgi Knox

We are introducing to you some of the speakers of the next Berlin Buzzwords conference 2015. Therefore, we are interviewing #bbuzz speakers ahead of the conference. See what they responded ...

We are starting with the software engineer Georgi Knox, who is currently living and working in New York City.

Bbuzz: Could you briefly introduce yourself?
GK: I am a software engineer at Bitly and my current nerd crush is on distributed systems and Go.

Bbuzz: What would you like to accomplish by giving this talk?
GK: I'd like to get the audience excited about NSQ which is an open source realtime distributed messaging platform written entirely in Go by the team at Bitly. It's now used by companies like Docker, Buzzfeed and Stripe. Come to my talk to find out more!

Bbuzz: Where can attendees meet you at the conference in order to ask questions?
GK: Im super friendly! Come and find me at the conference to have a chat about anything geeky. My twitter is @GeorgiCodes.

Bbuzz: What's your favourite beer?
GK: I really love Weissbier with my absolute favorite beer being Franziskaner.

Bbuzz: Have you been to Berlin before? What did you enjoy the most?
I lover Berlin! Some of the things I enjoyed most about my last trip were a late night out clubbing at K17, eating burgers at Burgermeister in Kreuzberg and cycling through the Tiergarten.

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photo credit: Roger H. Goun (flickr) CC-BY 2.0

Corporate-Design: Extragestaltung, Margarethe Hausst├Ątter
Ilustration: cyan, Berlin