Speaker interview: Rafał Kuć

We are introducing to you some of the speakers of the next Berlin Buzzwords conference 2015. Therefore, we are interviewing #bbuzz speakers ahead of the conference. See what they responded …

Get to know Rafał Kuć.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?
I'm Rafał, living near the eastern border of Poland (in Białystok). I'm a consultant and a software engineer at Sematext, Inc. I am currently focusing mostly on Solr, Elasticsearch and Lucene based solutions and sharing the time between consulting, working on Logsene and blogging. I also happen to be a book author, with titles about Solr and Elasticsearch. And most of all, I'm a father of two great kids ;)

What would you like to accomplish by giving this talk?
We would like how Solr and Elasticsearch scale both in terms of horizontal and vertical sides. We would also like to show similarities and differences that makes those projects so different in some areas and so close in others.

Have you enjoyed previous Berlin Buzzwords editions?
Of course I did. I think the 2015 edition will be my fifth in fourth in a row and I am always looking forward for the conference. It has great community, nice talks and very, very good atmosphere.

If you were the god of Berlin Buzzwords - what would you change?
Berlin Buzzwords each month ;)

Where can attendees meet you at the conference in order to ask questions?
I'll be running around here and there, so all around the place probably. If anyone wants to catch me to have a talk I'll probably be at the talks listening, preparing for our talk or hanging around with people. If you have hard time finding me, ping me on Twitter and I'll get back to you :)

What's your favourite beer?
Depends on the mood actualy, but if I would be forced to choose two of them it would definately be Helles from Munich and Kriek lambic.

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