Speaker interview: Tudor Golubenco

We are introducing to you some of the speakers of the next Berlin Buzzwords conference 2015. Therefore, we are interviewing #bbuzz speakers ahead of the conference. See what they responded …

Get to know Tudor Golubenco.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?
I’m a software developer interested in computer networking, distributed systems, real-time, performance of all kinds and open source. I write code mostly in Go these days, but I also enjoy C, Python, Javascript and others. I’m a Club Mate addict.

How did you get started with developing software?
Shortly before the fall of the communist regime, there was a factory in Romania that was cloning western Z80 CPUs. My mom and dad somehow managed to put together a complete home computer running BASIC. I was 7 or 8 years old and they showed me how commands like 10 CIRCLE 50, 50, 10 were transformed in actual drawings. I was hooked.

What would you like to accomplish by giving this talk?
I worked for about 8 years on the team that built a VoIP monitoring product. It was a multi-threaded near-real-time mostly-written-in-C application that was sniffing the network traffic and was measuring all sorts of performance and quality metrics. It did the job great but as it grew over the years it became really hard to maintain. Keeping the complex metrics precise and real-time became harder and harder with each feature and new metric that we added.
I think that tools like Elasticsearch open a new way of doing this type of monitoring products, which will prove to be easier to maintain, easier to scale and more flexible in the long run. We didn’t see talks about this approach, so we want to plant the idea and get some feedback on it.

When did you start contributing to Open Source projects?
I had some small contributions ever since I was in University, but nothing really notable. Since November last year, however, I’m in the very happy position of working full time on Open Source Software, which is a dream come true for me. I got there by a leap of faith: I quit my job and joined my wife in working full time on our open source project. Come to the talk to hear the rest of the story!

Where can attendees meet you at the conference in order to ask questions?
Tweet me @tudor_g, I’ll meet anyone interested in Packetbeat or monitoring in general at any time.

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