Speakers at #bbuzz 2015 – #16

Every week we are introducing new speakers which will be on stage at #bbuzz 2015. Thanks to our program committee we can present part of our new eclectic program. Presentations range from beginner friendly introductions on hot data analysis topics to in-depth technical presentations about scalable architectures. The conference presents more than 50 talks by international speakers specific to the three tags "search", "store" and "scale".

Application Performance Management with Open Source Tools

Tudor Golubenco & Monica Sarbu
Scale - 40 min

Monica is a core committer to the Packetbeat open source project and the CEO of the commercial entity behind this project. Before, she was a core developer for IPTEGO, a succesful Berlin-based startup. Tudor is also one of the core developers of Packetbeat. Prior, he was the CTO of IPTEGO and worked for Acme Packet and Oracle. He enjoys coding in Go, C, Python, Js and others.

The talk will demonstrate the methodology and usability of Elasticsearch as an event analytics engine, speaking about collecting performance metrics for the transaction amongst others and sharing tips for efficiently storing data. During the talk, the audience learns how Packetbeat, Yahoo Boomerang, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana and Bonito work together for a complete application performance management solution that is more applicable and more flexible than commercial offerings.

Scale with NSQ: a realtime distributed messaging platform

Georgi Knox
Scale- 20 min

Georgi is an Aussie software engineer living and working in New York City. Next to writing lots of codes, she enjoys dressing up her cats in costumes. She currently works in Bitly's Application Engineering team. Working with the succesful Bitly's back-end engineeering team along the creators of NSQ is very existing to her.

Her talk will cover NSQ - an open source realtime distributed messaging platform designed to operate at scale and handle billions of messages per day. NSQ was built by the engineering team at Bitly and is being used by a wide range of companies today. Quesions regarding the origins and importance of NSQ will be answered during the talk. Drawing onreal-life scenarios experienced by Bitly, the ability of NSQ regarding availability, performance, latency, fault tolerance and scale will be discussed. 

Corporate-Design: Extragestaltung, Margarethe Hausstätter
Ilustration: cyan, Berlin