Travel with 100% green power to Berlin Buzzwords

We’ve partnered up with Deutsche Bahn! All conference attendees can travel from any DB railway station in Germany with a fixed price and 100 % green energy.
The ticket offer for the return journey is valid from May 30 until June 7, 2015.

Using a specific train costs 99 € (2nd Class) or 159 € (1st Class).
Flexible tickets cost 139 € (2nd Class) or 199 € (1st Class).*

Special ticket prices for international travel are available on request.
Order your ticket by calling the service number +49 (0)1806 31 11 53 and use the keyword “buzzwords”.** You will be called back to make a reservation and will need a credit card for payment.***

The same deal is also available online at:
The Deutsche Bahn service centre is looking forward to inform you about the ticket price for international journeys.

*An exchange or refund of the ticket is possible until one day before the first day of validity for an according fee. The exchange and refund conditions for reduced tickets are valid according to the time of booking; see the conditions of passenger transportation of Deutsche Bahn AG. An exchange or refund is excluded from the first day of validity. Tickets tied to a specific train need to be booked at least three days in advance, and are sold as long as the stocks last.
**The ticket hotline is available Monday to Saturday 7am – 10pm. Calls cost 20 cents per call from a German landline, and a maximum of 60 cents per call from a German mobile.
***Please note that since November 04, 2014, a fee is charged for credit card payments, in accordance with the conditions of passenger transportation of Deutsche Bahn AG.
Prices can be subject to change.

photo: Claus Weber

Corporate-Design: Extragestaltung, Margarethe Hausstätter
Ilustration: cyan, Berlin